Are you ready to:

  • go full in to build your business?
  • stop feeling stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed?
  • step fully wholeheartedly as a business owner.



I work with inspired action takers who want more to take their business from part time to full time. Or you could be a business owner that is needing to pivot their business to truly align with your purpose. Business owners want to feel more vibrant, more in control and fulfilled too.

Are you nodding along? Is this you? If so you are my people.

You are not here to settle for less or make do. You want to make an impact in the world and are here to make a stand for what you are passionate about. You have that inner grit and determination like no other. 

You have made some progress in your business and on the outside you are doing well (whatever people percieve that means). But you know something is missing to move you forward. You are not quite sure how to get to the next step in your business and it feels like everything you are doing is not working. You feel a sense of being "trapped" or "stuck in a rut" 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see the results without burning out and worrying each month how you will generate revenue? Where you could dream big, then bigger and then, once you have got there, you could maintain it and celebrate it with ease. Feel like you were truly ‘living your entrepreneurial calling’.

I can help

I have just the programme for you. Introducing the Momentum Sprint® Accelerator 

The Momentum Sprint® Accelerator four-month group coaching programme is full-to-bursting with tools, techniques and strategies based on the Momentum Sprint framework. The programme allows you to create a business aligned with your strengths and clear steps on how to move it forward in the right direction.  

This programme content is all underpinned with step by step business teaching alongside my other extensive coaching tools. It's the most affordable way to get my help with your whole personal development and business growth journey. We are talking life changing business acceleration if you are ready and here for it and willing to take action.

Does that sound like you? 

Are you struggling with consistency, getting the right clientele, knowing your worth, balancing full time and part time work until you can afford to work in the business full time.

It's almost like on the hamster wheel of always needing to hustle and working double time.

There is another way and you often see others have it all. Can you really have time and freedom as well as run a business? yes you can!

Do you: 

  • Feel stuck and fed up with your business and are looking for the next steps?
  • Have productivity blocks that are holding you back?
  • Want to move away consuming content online to getting the work done to see real results.
  • Want certainty in the business month on month?
  • Want more energy and zest for life?
  • Feel like you miss out on happiness, or limit your happiness, because the business is stressing you out.
  • Want to feel more fulfilled in your business?
  • Want to live your purpose filled life running your business that doesn't run you but don’t know where to start?

Are you ready for Momentum Sprint® Acclerator?

The Momentum Sprint® Acclerator Programme is a four month group experience, focusing on activating daily habits and goals so you can move your business faster and further!

What's The Plan?

This programme is fully aligned to my mission to help soloprenuers start their idea, and be in control of their business and make it profitable.

Here’s exactly what we’re going to do during our 16 weeks together:-

  • 12 weekly modules to help you accelerate your business and lifestyle:
    • Module 1 - Welcome to the home of momentum sprint - mission, vision and values
    • Module 2 - Personal Connection - why did you start your business? This will underpin your brand and clarity
    • Integration week
    • Module 3 - Nail that Niche and Market Research
    • Module 4 - Deep Dive into your products / services - Get clear on the value of your offerings
    • Module 5- People and Prospects - Who are your tribe and where do you find them.
    • Integration week
    • Module 6 - Show me the Money - Determining your pricing strategy, collecting payments and tracking sales
    • Module 7- Promotion - how to consistenly promote with ease
  • Integration week
    • Module 8 - Competitor Analysis
    • Module 9 - Strategy and Planning
    • Integration week
    • Module 10  - Building Robust Systems
    • Module 11 - Momentum Metrics
    • Module 12 - Celebrations, wins and next steps


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And your investment for this is £1997