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Hi Fellow Business Owner! I'm Lisa!

So good to meet ya!

Yeah you the one who has been sitting on the fence and going round in circles googling about how to grow and market your business. You keep consuming all the content and saying you'll get clients tomorrow but something always get in the way.

I can help.

I'm a business and accountability coach & mentor and mum and wife so I understand what it's like to juggle homelife, parenting and running a business.

Are you feeling inundated with all the tasks involved in building a business? Despite this, deep down, you are aware that you possess the passion, skills, and determination to create a successful profitable business doing what you love. However, at present, the journey towards achieving that goal seems daunting, to say the least.

I believe that everyone can start a business but the hardest part is sustaining your business at a level you desire. Do you want to build a business with ease and clarity so that you can get profitable ASAP and avoid costly mistakes. I am on a mission to teach YOU how you can build a business that complements your life not complicating it.