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Where it all began and how I got here now ....

Business and Accountability Coach 

Lisa is a veteran in the food industry starting multiple foods businesses for 20 years. She now coaches start up businesses and established foodiepreneurs to start, scale and grow their business 

Lisa and her sisters set up the award winning restaurant Sweet Mandarin. The early days were so tough that there were times when she faced some dark moments and struggles to keep the restaurant afloat. Overcoming these areas she found strategies to get unstuck and take the business to multi- six figures.  Lisa was inspired to share her journey and support other foodiepreneurs and startups small business owners in their path to freedom. If you are struggling with your niche, figuring out how to get that first client, pricing strategies, get crystal clear on your strategy and how to be more productive book a complimentary 15 minute call to brainstorm your next steps in your business journey.

Business and Accountability Coaching and Mentoring.

What this means is that it’s my job to understand your business inside and out and figure out the right direction to help you achieve your business goal. We work on high impact activites to move the business forward towards the desired goal by creating a focused action plan.

I'll help you keep on track and keep focused on where you are and where you want to be. 


I figure out the exact mental triggers, messages, and psychological “buttons” to push in your market that will allow you to become irresistible to your clients and customers.

When you do this you get to:

  • Attract more(and better)clients and customers
  • Make more sales and increase your revenue (without feeling “salesy“)
  • And grow your business…without needing to become a workaholic or dying of stress in the process.


What I have learnt it doesn't matter how great you are if nobody knows about you.

Marketing is the crucial element to business success.


My philosophy is PLANNING FIRST which has allowed me, my clients, and students, to consistently build, grow, and scale powerful, profitable, and freedom providing businesses – regardless of what channel, network, or platform we use.

Awarded an MBE for services to food and drink

Mentor to hundreds of entrepreneurs around UK 

Award winning author of 3 Times best selling cookbooks

Do you have a food or drink product that you want to launch to retail or online?

I have real experience in developing new product ranges, launching to retail and online, developing a brand story and attracting press, growing and exiting a retail food brand and business, with the experience to prove it! So, when we work together you get you genuine relevant experience in the retail sector and a depth of authentic knowledge, to get you the results you need. 


Want to work with me 1-2-1

  • Are you stuck on your plan of action
  • Don't know what to say in the email to retailers
  • Can't figure out your retail math?
  • How to plan your sales targets
  • Need a depth of knowledge 
  • Can't figure out the routes to market
  • Understanding how your brand can stand out from the competitors
  • Develop a SEO strategy for your online b2c business
  • Create the Business & Life You've Always Wanted

I listened to Lisa at a women's conference online and approached Lisa for advice for my new food business selling freshly prepared lunches. Her guidance was invaluable and she taught me the foundations and basics I was missing in my business. I now have a much clearer strategy to grow my business month on month. I would highly recommend working with Lisa 

I approached Lisa to mentor me for my start up food business. She is full of knowledge and a perfect sounding board to discuss those important decisions in business. Since working with Lisa I have got my products listed in over 30 stores and generated revenue in my ecommerce store. Working with Lisa has really helped me fast track my food business.

Client Testimonials

Vincent Tsang, Tsang Sauce

 Joanne Edusi, Birmingham

I have always dreamed of running my own healthy snack business and always didn't know the steps to get the idea off the ground. Lisa's coaching and strategy has been invaluable. I have applied her advice and seen my idea become a reality.. It has also helped me focus on my ideal clients and monthly sales targets.

Janice Owen

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