Are you tired of sitting on the fence, trying to muster up the motivation to tackle your big business idea? Well my friend, I have just the thing for you. It's called Momentum 42 a proven system I have used in my own business and life and it's like a personal trainer for your ambitious thoughts.


From the Desk of

Lisa Chee MBE

Founder Of Momentum Sprint, Business Coach And Mentor, Best-Selling Author And Speaker

I know how it feels to not know where to begin with all the ideas stuck in your brain and you find yourself overwhelmed by the enormity of it all. Don't worry you are not alone. I have something to get you unstuck and best of all it only takes 30 minutes to go from confused to clear.

Here’s my story...

I am Lisa and I Help You Start Your Dream Business Idea With Ease and Clarity and Kickstart Momentum Instantly.

As a foodie, chef and business owner, one of the things I have learnt from cooking is that you must train your mind to FOCUS on the dish otherwise it will all go wrong. By using this jedi skill I have applied it to my own businesses and projects.  The hardest thing on the journey of business is momentum. I love teaching you have to take an idea and tum it into simple actionable strategies that move you from sitting on the fence for years to launching in the space of months.

I am an award winning restauranteur for over 20 years winning Gordon Ramsays F word beating 10,000 restaurants in UK, business coach and mentor and a best-selling author for 3 of my cookbooks and have taught thousands of startups and small businesses  how to monetize their ideas using the Momentum Sprint Method.

After starting my own restaurant business and creating our gluten free sauce brand which launched into 15 countries I can tell you that mastering momentum and focus is hands down the #1  reason I have managed to do all this.

Now you get to finally get ANY ideas moving - no excuses!

“Imagine What You Could Achieve With Accountability, Focus And Clarity...  ”


I was almost 8 months pregnant with my daughter Kimmy and I used the Momentum 42 framework to create a 28 day healthy eating paid challenge called The Responsible Life. In 6 weeks I had gone from an idea to help families eat more healthier and cook meals in under 30 minutes to launching and getting paid. Each week I would be clear on a plan of action such as filming myself cooking the recipes, writing the recipes into an ebook, creating facebook prompts for my community, building the audience in the free and private group, doing livestream q&as about health and food and hacks for cooking. After launching I went to hospital to give birth to my daughter Kimmy. This system was so powerful and allowed me to acclerate an idea into reality and the best bit of it was it was supported in a group community. 

How many times have you started off the day with good intentions to sit down with your cuppa or cappuccino (as if that will help you focus) and D-O  T-H-E   W-O-R-K  ..... I bet you have declared and by an hour in you have ended up down the good ole rabbit hole of information consuming. Well my friend there has to be a different way. What if you joined the Momentum 42 program where we help you with a simple but effective framework to laser focus you to work on that thing you are doing and keep you on track with a community of likeminded people. Sometimes when you tell people what you are doing you feel a bit more urgency to get that thing done. After all many weeks can pass by and you can still be looking at the blank google doc thinking what do I need to work on again and so the cycle begins again. Let's break that right now!.


Picture this - you could go from idea to banking some real life moolahs (that money) just from focus on the key things you need to accomplish in your business with only a few minutes of focus each day. If this sounds too good to be true think again with my simple but effective system you can be concentrating in no time and finally implementing everything you have learnt along the way. All it takes is a accountability, a clear plan and community spririt. Do you want to be a momentum maker?


This is a Do It Yourself Program but it doesn't mean you are alone!

This method helps you take control and make decisions that suit your business and situation. 

After all you have probably hoarded course after course and guess what just not implemented any of it. So............... 

In a nutshell this is how it works - lets keep it simple so we get you moving!

1. You Decide and Choose What THING it is you want to work on? 

eg previous attendees tackled things like creating a blog from scratch, creating a mini course, writing a chapter of their book, creating a lead magnet, writing a menu or sales page, filming videos, writing emails and scheduling them. All that good stuff.

2. We kick off with a REFLECT post on Monday and the following week will be a RESET post. 

How you make it accountable is that you MUST declare in the Monday post what you will tackle / work on eg figuring out my ideal client or market research etc. 

3. YOU GET TO WORK (help is available via weekly coaching live and the support in the group)

4. WEEKLY WINS are posted each Friday to sum up the small, big wins in business, life, and health. After all  we want to make sure you are balanced.

This is then repeated each week for 6 weeks. 

You will find with a clear plan, accountability and a community group you will get on track and make progress faster than going alone. So what are you waiting for?