3 ways to start a business without money

Starting a business in and of itself is difficult. The financial bravery alone is immense; putting your brain defaults on hold and suddenly employing your mind to create solutions for survival, is tough.
In this day and age especially in ‘the west’, life for the majority of people is like a conveyor belt that you just sit on and ‘take from’ - everything is so easy and reachable. But pressuring yourself into
‘eating as you earn’ takes away all of that western comfort. The challenge of embarking on a journey like this with no start-up capital in probably any other era but the modern day would seem impossible. However in 2022 with all of the modern technologies and ‘how to’s’ available, there are
many ways to skin a cat - and here we are handing you the surgical scissors. There are a lot more means - obviously - but here are five viable methods we would happily suggest to you, to start a business with no money.

Crowd Funding
This technique is often utilised by musicians, but the idea has universal appeal. A strong enough product or service will actively draw money in, one that holds a monopoly for solving problems or offering innovation in a crowded market. Solving problems is good for already established
companies as well as your target audience - corporate clients run off efficiency and clawing money
back where possible. Any chance you give companies the chance to do this, you will notice your hand being respectfully snapped off. People want to believe and invest in freshness, there’s so much capacity in this world to plug gaps with creativity and innovation - so if you could convince ‘a crowd’ of the appeal of your offering, crowd funding is definitely a viable means of initial income.

Start with a free service/product samples.
Yeah, that’s right you heard me - ever heard of short term pain for long term gain? Offer your
service or produce for either no cost or at a hugely subsidised rate - then study your people, your
target audience, perfect your craft - and slowly move the fee up to what it should be. You can ask
people to sign up to mailing lists, or follow you on socials, so that when you’re really ready to
launch your product and market it on a wide-scale, your reach goes further because your follower
number is higher; and thus the algorithms acknowledge you more.
Here you are putting the foundational materials into your business venture; making sure the
service or product has been tested thoroughly, establishing repeat trade via happy customers, and
understanding the longevity in your strategy that increases your potential for selling multiple units,
instead of getting lucky while trying desperately to shift your pricy produce. Temporary pain for long
term gain.

Just Start.
Just begin looking into an idea, look into an industry for gaps, think about what you could conceivably offer to a selling space. Then dig in - research your idea thoroughly - does it make sense in this financial climate, are you offering value? Formulate a business plan, ask yourself
important questions around it - is it discount other peripheral plans (have some peace on which of
those plans you want to focus on going forward) and hang your hat on it. Do some competitor
analysis, internalise the fact that you definitely can’t just wade into the market and command all of
the respect and the space immediately. Do some market research - get out on the streets and find

your people! Find out what they want, what they need and have been missing. Establish your USP
and work on making that shine bright. Just start - be bold and begin.

And so to sum up…
Just have a go, what have you got to lose really - Face? Time? Energy? All of those precious
commodities are slipping through our fingers at an alarming rate anyway - might as well funnel
them into something of real benefit later on. Nothing to lose, but so much to gain; those who don’t
try miss out, but those who do try just might win. You really have to be ‘in it to win it’ - we’re not
limited creatures who are made to trudge through ‘9-5' shifts for 30 years and then die! We have
the capacity to set the world spinning in the opposite direction - we just must take on the capacity
to believe, that doing that is entirely possible.